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Online Flute Classes By Team Himalayan Shepherd

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Himalayan Shepherd

Himalayan Shepherd- a grassroots organization based in Munsyari, Uttarakhand -is a motley of locals aimed at striving for biodiversity conservation programmes while creating sustainability in the mountain through travel, community work and awareness programmes involving both children & youngs.Through various initiatives, such as establishing nature reserves, promoting eco-friendly tourism practices, and empowering local residents through skill development programs, the Himalayan Shepherd Community seeks to protect the delicate ecosystems of the Himalayas while enhancing the well-being of the people who call this region home.Moreover, by engaging with schools and educational institutions, the community aims to instill a sense of environmental stewardship and cultural pride in the younger generation, ensuring that they become active participants in building a sustainable future for their communities.

Basic Birding Course in Munsyari Uttarakhand

Community-Based Travelling

Community-based traveling in mountain regions can have a transformative impact on both travelers and the communities they visit. By engaging with local residents and businesses, travelers contribute directly to the economic development of mountain communities. This form of tourism often emphasizes the use of locally-owned accommodations, eateries, and guides, channeling revenue back into the community and helping to alleviate poverty.

Furthermore, community-based traveling promotes cultural exchange and understanding. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich traditions, languages, and customs of mountain communities, fostering respect and appreciation for diverse ways of life. Likewise, locals benefit from interactions with travelers, gaining exposure to different cultures and traveling promotes environmental conservation by raising awareness among visitors about the fragile ecosystems of mountain regions. Through responsible tourism practices, such as waste management and sustainable trekking routes, travelers contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and natural resources.

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With every morning,a story unfolds.
The warmth of rising sun wombs
An unparalleled beauty- of chirping birds, Awakening trees, of silent mountains sitting for ages.
All but dream it is.
All but reality it is.
A falling leaf on blade of grass,
A flower journeys through the harsh.
The sun ploughs the land of sky
With its sweltering heat.
Tired and thirsty the whole day,
It dusks beneath the sky.
With every morning, a story unfolds!

Our programmes

Himalayan Shepherd comprehensive work involves different strata, from imparting formal training to local youths in the field of flora & fauna to organizing smart classes broadcast from abroad to channelizing youth in community work revolving in and around remote villages.  
Online Flute Classes By Team Himalayan Shepherd
Smart Learning Programmes
Basic Birding Course in Munsyari Uttarakhand
Birding Programmes
Community Work in Munsyari mission
School Outreach
Yoga Workshop By Himalayan Shepherd in Munsyari
Workshops & Events

Together we can

Chandan Kumar Founder Himalayan Shepherd 1 (1)

I am a Naturalist, Traveller, an Adventure Enthusiast and Explorer working closely with the denizens of the hills in Uttarakhand. The uprising of Homestays, Sustainable Living, Organic Farming and Youth Training programmes are highlights that I am partaking in. I am looking forward to working with people sharing the in-depth vision and moving ideas in respective fields. 

founder, Himalayan Shepherd

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