An Invisible Bond

Foggy morning in the mountains with flying birds over silhouettes of hills. Serenity sunrise with soft sunlight and layers of haze. Mountain landscape with mist in woodland in pastel colors

When I was little, I often wondered how did flock of birds, irrespective of enormous number, fly in tandem. What if one strays, or lags behind or one gets exhausted of flying?I used to couch to one corner of my terrace, and watched the azure sky till it got thronged with birds, lovely birds, ferrying to the other side of the horizon.Time passed. Hours whizzed away. Months gave way to years, and many more years.Still I watch them hover around, no less in number, no less in enthusiasm either. The only difference I notice now is: one of them does stray, few do lag behind, and unsurprisingly a score does get exhausted. Nonetheless they waltz. There must have been something that keeps them bind together. I think it is Friendship!