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The moot idea behind organising such travels is to give a better perspective of The Himalayas, its denizens, culture, traditions, organic foods,and most importantly the abundance of rich flora and fauna the place harbours. Recently travelling has evolved in many a way than just going to places and ticking off the bucket list. Unless you experience things in your own way and term, the purpose of travelling is minced somewhat. Travelling is less to do with your knowledge you have garnered through reading and hearing, it lies in how much you have sidelined those while experiencing things yourself. How much you have learned during course of travelling is what matters the most. Let your hair down, get into a small talk with the lady in the kitchen, have a wholesome laugh with the kids who you meet enroute, aware of the problems of the villages you visit, spend some time mingling into their cultures, have had time with people working in their agriculture field, and respect nature by being a responsible traveller are some of things considered most real and aesthetic.

You have to actually leave behind the cities and its ideas when you come to mountain. Actually means mentally and physically.

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Sustainable Tourism

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well versed about endemic flora & fauna

A Local Community

A motley of locals with an aim to provide livelihood.

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Himalayan Shepherd - a motley of local people- aims at striving for enriching experience while creating a sustainable livelihood to the locals.

Traditional Homestays Munsyari himalayan Shepherd

Authentic Homestays

Cherish staying at one of our Homestays overlooking majestic Panchachuli Ranges.

Himalayan Shepherd Camping At khaliya Top

Camping & Trekking

Rejoice high/mid altitudes trekking & Camping in the foothills of The Himalayas under the guidance of certified leader.

Darkot a handloom village in Munsyari

Village Tour

A tour to the ancient villages conjures up nostalgia as well connect you with traditions, culture & foods they have.

Nanda Devi Temple Munsyari

Local Sightseeing

Local Sightseeing couldn't be any better with the local guides who have folklores to tell and plenty of experience to share with.

Our Team

With each member bringing their unique talents and perspectives to the table, we work tirelessly towards our collective goal of creating a brighter, more resilient future for the Himalayan region and its people.

Chandan Kumar Founder Himalayan Shepherd 1 (1)

Chandan Kumar

Founder, Himalayan Shepherd

Brijesh Dharmshaktu Member Himalayan Shepherd

Brijesh Dharmshaktu

Member, Himalayan Shepherd

Mukesh Laspal Trek Leader himalayan Shepherd

Mukesh Laspal

Trek Leader, Himalayan Shepherd

Pawan Koranga Birder Himalayan Shepherd

Pawan Koranga

Birder & Guide, Himalayan Shepherd

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shweta jha
shweta jha
amazing experience right from reaching chaukori to every bit. we thoroughly enjoyed throughout the trip. I am generally not a group traveller rather i like travelling solo but this trip with "Himalayan Shepherd by souldrifts" taught me a good group makes trip worth cherishing. And talking about the activities honestly there was so much to explore and feel, at times we felt 6 nights was infact too less to explore that magical place. truly recommended souldrifts. cheers. way to go!!
Anurag Vatsa
Anurag Vatsa
Woww !! it was indeed a wonderful experience. One thing i liked about your team is the level of support you are providing to the locals. Leaving your Govt Job ( Chandan Kumar- Founder of Souldrifts) behind and working in Himalayas is a tough decision to make for all of us but looking at your work definitely gives a peace to our heart and soul as there are very few people who are leaving their cosy lifestyle and coming to the remote part and working for the betterment of our people. your every work shows how dedicated you are and as a traveller we certainly felt that in complete tour. We never knew in just 6 nights we could gather the experience which we never had in last 5-6 years. kudos to your local team .
Completely enjoyed the trip. I never thought kumaon part of Uttarakhand is such a beauty and serene to watch and people like chandan is working really hard in the field of sustainable tourism. Birdwatching, trek, adventure activities and what not. I can write complete story but i will leave on you to come join their trip to experience it
Akriti Akriti
Akriti Akriti
Himalayan shepherd surely believes in creating fascinating memories for YOU! Our love for travel is deeply rooted in the way we have led our lives – exploring the beauty of the hills, and the scenic backwaters of Uttarakhand God’s own country. There is something about being out there – amidst nature, with loved ones, that drew our passion. We knew what we were looking for – a memorable experience, an experience we’d cherish for ages together. And Himalayan shepherd fulfilled our expectations to the fullest. It was a surreal experience in the mountains of Kumaon region. Munsiyari is a destination which adds peace to the memories. The culture and tradition we came to know about was a cherry on the top. Cultural foods including bhaang ki chutney , jimboo , raagi was the superior experience we could never have other than being indulge among the people of mountains . The accomodation was cosy and comfy based on the weather conditions. The impressive view of Panchchuli and other peaks was phantasmagorical. Bird watching , sunrise , sunset , trekking , medicinal plants everything was just magical. Being busy in job life in Cities like Delhi , all these new peaceful views are necessary to purify the soul. I visited - Chaukori , Birthi , Munsiyari , Darkot during our visit. Thamrikund trek and lake was of dreamlike quality. Darkot is a 20 km drive from munsiyari where we met local handloom weavers who introduced us to old traditional culture of handloom making. Special thanks to Mr.Chandan for such an amazing experience and introducing us to the culture of Kumaon.
kunnj Biharri
kunnj Biharri
What better way to kickstart the New Year than spending cherishing time in The Himalayas. Travelling becomes even more meaningful when it gets attached to the local culture, tradition and foods. The event ‘Himalayan Shepherd’ by souldrifts was an experience par excellence in more than one way. The places I visited during my course of stay- Chaukori, Birthi, Munsyari & Darkot- exhibit unparalleled beauty the Himalayas harbour. The accommodation was cosy and bounty considering the weather conditions in the month. Local pahadi cuisines add a satisfying soul to your taste buds. Red rice, lentils, greens (spinach & laayi), Baang ki chutney, Raagi roti are some of mountain foods that help acclimatise my body quite well to climatic conditions there. Bonfire,a daily affair, was an added assest, particularly after treks and trails. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I experienced a lot of things unknown before both in terms of knowledge, culture & tradition and the way we travel. The majestic view of Panchachuli, Rajrambha and other peaks left me enthralled the moment I witnessed them. The sheer magic weaved by nature during sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas is beyond words. A visit to Darkot village, situated 20 odd km from Munsyari, is a gateway of century-old tradition of weaving that people used to resort to and still in few places. I truly am thankul for the moments I rejoiced with my friends, while living every moment in the mountain. Thank you souldrifts and team.
sanjay mahawar
sanjay mahawar
Kudos to souldrifts for organising Himalayan Shepherd event. It was a surreal, absorbing experience exploring different parts of kumaon himalayas while savouring local phahdi foods - Raggi, red rice, Bhaang ki chutney & greens. Not only did I learn culture & tradition which I actually am fond of, but also different treks in the region imparted me valuable knowledge about the rich biodiversity this place nurtures. A visit to Darkot village was icing on the top, which further apprised me about the handloom work local women are engaged into. A lunch at Geeta Pangtey’s house is both admirable and hearty. I also managed to get herbs- jimboo- considered quite useful as a spice. Birding event at Eco Park under the guidance of Mr. Brijesh Dharmshaktu helped broaden my inquisitiveness towards the nature and its elements. Right from Chaukori to Birthi to Munsyari, I experienced things in terms of places I visit, organic foods I eat, and knowledge I acquire, which I hadn’t felt before. Having pahadi food overlooking Birthi Fall is something I cherished the most. A slow trek to Thamri Kund in Munsyari is a testament to the uniqueness of the mother nature in things it creates. I expressed my heartfelt thank to Mr. Chandan Kr. and each soul involved into organising such a beautiful event in the Himalayas. It truly is an event comprising locals and towards sustainable tourism.
Deepak Mathur
Deepak Mathur
I wish I could rate it +1 more.....Amazing view of Mountains and Munsiyari is an off beat destination....... wonderful people and the local pahadi food is super awesome..... special thanks to Chandan for let us visit Darkot village which no tourist has yet explored....... amazing view from the Cottage.......
Into The Himalayas

Khaliya Top, Munsyari

The Khaliya Top is a meandering meadow surrounded by snowy peaks, offering an awe-inspiring view of the mystical land of Kumaun. The Khaliya Top is perched at an astonishing altitude of 3500 metres above sea level and located near Munsiyari in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand.
One can savour the panoramic views of the majestic Panchachuli, Rajrambha, Hardeol and Nanda Kot peaks from the Khaliya Top. It is one of the popular treks as the trekkers can savour the awe-inspiring views of the Panchachuli and Nanda Devi Range. The Khaliya Top can be easily approached by covering an easy gradient of 6 km from Balanti Farm. This trek allows the hikers to see the snowline in early summer. If you are a keen animal photographer then you may find yourself in luck as this place is a home to varied bird and animals species such as Monal, Ghurar, Kakar, yellow troated marten and Baral (mountain goat). Spring season is the best time for this trek as the rhododendrons bloom in the region, making the jungle fiery red. The scent of the dwindling pines, old oaks, spruce and cypress will mesmerise you.


Thamri Kund, Munsyari

Thamri Kund is a small pond located in the forests of Munsiyari region of Uttarakhand. The Kund is revered by the locals to bless the region with rain in case there is insufficient rainfall.

Darkot : A Handloom Village

Tucked into the foothills of the Himalayas, Darkot is a small settlement situated at a distance of 7 km from Munsyari town. The ancient village is renowned for handloom work since its trade time with Tibet. Almost every family weaves handloom products using Angora (a type of rabbit) and Pashmina. Team Himalayan Shepherd has long been supporting those families by bridging the connection of tourist inflow in the village thus helping uplift the sell of local products. There are a variety of products such as caps, socks, shawls, stoles and other customised ones you can choose from.

Customised Camping & Trekking

“The art of exploring lies in getting lost into oblivion.”

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