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Education and outreach are integral parts of our mission, as we seek to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders and cultural custodians. By engaging people of all ages in hands-on learning experiences and collaborative projects, we hope to create a legacy of sustainability that will endure for generations to come.

Project Nature symphony

Project Nature Symphony aims at imparting specialised training to local youth in the field covering birds, butterflies & flora of The Himalayas. On one hand, the training programme encompasses building a team inclined to work for the nature, its conservation & most importantly disseminating information to the masses about the same, while on another facilitating data collection & conservation status for the dedicated group working in the concerned area. In the process of building and inching towards what we have envisioned as a community, the team begins its first course comprising six participants from Munsyari, Uttarakhand. The training scheduled for three months would be involving field works in different parts as well as presentation and revamping our work periodically.

Project learning connection with world

Munsyari – USA 

In what is first of such an initiative to aid smart learning among children, scheduled online classes on Flute Learning & creative english writing are being conducted at Sarvodaya Public School, Nanaseem with the support received from USA under the ages of Paavni ma’am and others. As a result of joint venture between Himalayan & me, Himalayan Shepherds and MBC, a total of 37 participants enrolled for the classes would be imparted basics of flute learning followed by creative english writing.

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Your contribution , small or big, annonymous or recognised, undoubtedly goes a long way in helping those who are in dire need. We have left no stone unturned in our efforts to bring about sweeping changes through sustainable drives and envisioned programmes aimed at working grassroot levels. A glee at child’s face, a sigh of relief from the old lady, and a blue sky overhead are some of gifts that go beyond normal reckoning. There couldn’t be any better time than Now to be a part of change, to be something that you too would be proud of.

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