Such is Sea

I squatted on somewhat soaked sand near the beach, grabbed a fistful of it only to quickly release it. The remains of it on my palm were mopped off my pant . The sea nearby was growling at its best, the ebb and flow of which kissed the shore albeit fleeting. It was a kind of kiss a lover implants while being in a hurry. At distant, a yellow dim light seemed to have flickered symbolising a tussle was going on between an adamant ship and rough water. The shore was littered with abandoned bottles, leftovers, crinkled papers and a bunch of isolated lovers who seemed oblivious of other things around. A score of people holding each other’s waist end waded into sea to tease the upcoming serpentine waves. Somewhat they succeeded , somewhere they failed like we all fail sometimes in our life. Above the sea was plying an aeroplane , the sound of which was getting completely enveloped by sea’s .The sea could engulf anything altogether in a split second with its mesmerizing beauty. Such is sea, I recall. As I ambled my way along the beach , I happened to encounter innumerable haphazard footsteps engraved down sand. On looking back, I could barely find mine.