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The Villagers Foundation

Registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882, The Villagers Foundation is an Ngo which aims at working in the field of Rural upliftment, Child education, Women empowerment and prevalent climatic changes.


> Rural Upliftment
> Experiential Child Learning
> Women Empowerment
> Prevalent Climatic Changes
> Youth Training Programmes
> Disaster Management
> Farming & Food Production
> Animal Husbandry
> Drinking Water Accessibility
> Waste Management

Bee Keeping Programmes by The Villagers Foundation in mountain

Project MADHU

Uttarakhand is a land endowed with rich flora and fauna, much of it owe to The Himalayas sprawling to its length and breadth. There are varieties of medicinal plants used as a panacea since time immemorial to treat a number of chronic ailments. Honey is one such natural produce that has long been used owing to its medicinal properties. The mention of the same dates back to the Vedas period and in Koran as well.
The Villagers Foundation has launched “Project Madhu” , aimed at culturing Honey using scientific practices and integrated management aligned with research, consequently strengthening the livelihood of the farmers residing in The Himalayas. It is high time we upgraded the traditional ways of rearing honey as it not only scales the production but also tackles the pest outburst in a scientific way, thus making the process more feasible.
Besides generating a supplementary income to the farmers, Project Madhu stresses upon the need to curb the migration, which in recent years has been alarming, among the masses especially youth by encouraging them to take up the Bee Keeping practices. Among the many benefits of Bee Keeping are increase in the agricultural yield as a result of pollination and useful products like Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Venom, – all collected and used by people for various nutritional and medicinal purposes.
Project Madhu focuses on mapping out regions across The Himalayas conducive to Bee Culture, with an emphasis on integrated training programmes with the farmers under the aegis of experts on varying subjects encompassing it.
Teeing off the project, the team, in its initial phase, organised an interactive session with farmers of Birthi Village – a hamlet perched in the lap of nature – and discussed ins and outs of what the project is all about.

A Handful Help

Through this sustainable drive, We urge people to donate under-utilized urban materials like clothes, a pair of shoes, books, children’s toys or anything deemed useful for those in dire need. Not only does this drive help people but it also plays a crucial role in mitigating the already compounded woes heaved on environment by preventing the old clothes from going into landfills which,otherwise, would result into releasing of methane – a greenhouse gas -which is potentially twenty five times more harmful than carbon dioxide in trapping the heat under earth surface.
Donated things are carefully segregated, cleaned and mended if need be at our facilitation centre before dispensing.
Human dignity is what we vouch for the most.
Foundation member supporting environment conservation work
Clean-up drive in Birthi Village of Uttarakhand

Green footprint

The Himalayas is an incredible asset a country can harbour – whether it be in the form of biodiversity or geographical pattern or pre-historical treasure bed. Sometimes, more acknowledged fact becomes an overlooked one in the long run. The degradation of The Himalayan region, attributed to many human practices, has never been so accelerating and alarming. Lack of waste management in remote villages, rampant use of plastic, incessant lumbering, unnumbered poaching, and overall sheer ignorance are problems rife in these areas. You can’t blame an individual, yet you can blame everyone for the lurking problems.
The Villagers Foundation team has mapped out few regions during its initial survey where efforts would be strained in the field of waste management and sustainable rural upliftment, duly aided by what would be an organised team comprising locals and school going children.
In one such small effort, The Villagers Foundation team took up a clean up drive following an interactive session with the farmers on Bee Culture Programmes in Birthi Village of Uttarakhand. The team, during an hour long overhaul, collected garbages littered along the road and later segregated before disposing them of. There is no gainsaying the fact that the place lacks proper waste management system like many in the region.
Takeaway : We were/are/would be glad to see the participation of children in any drive we carry out in time to come. They are the ones who hold the baton of change we seek.
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